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Leaders of rain water technology and experts from the Chinese academy of sciences make an in-depth study of Japan's water market

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Leaders of rain water technology and experts from the Chinese academy of sciences make an in-depth study of Japan's water market on sept 16-22, 2018

September 16-22, 2018, Rain water science and technology leader in the development of the Chinese academy of sciences, national center for water and environmental excellence construction industry branch of ccpit, under the guidance of the water environment protection of the division in zhongguancun technology innovation promotion center, the area along the environmental technology and environmental technology industry alliance, villages and towns industry alliances, joint water industry market magazine "environmental science and technology industry association to investigate activity", the along with the Chinese academy of sciences ecological environmental research center expert, participated in the 11th world water conference and exhibition, attended by the Japanese environment ministry hosted the 6th Asian decentralized wastewater treatment BBS, Visit the national environmental research institute of Japan, visit the environmental science center of xiapu, and investigate the research and development center of ogano company.


Attended the 11th world water congress and exhibition


With experts from Japanese purification tank association


All the representatives of BBS


At the scene of the BBS

At the headquarters of the national institute of environmental research


Water environment regeneration and preservation research base in xiapu lake


Visit ogano r&d center


Technical exchange meeting


Visit Xiapu environmental science center

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